Mentorship of students in disadvantaged rural schools on communication skills

3Es Experience is championing empowerment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds through undertaking mentorship on various non-academic skills sets such as teamwork, time management, goal setting and planning among other topics. In our first session, we took the students through a session on “Effective communication skills.”

Communication is, and has always been a key element in our day to day lives. In schools, everything operates through communication where pupils receive instructions from their teachers and relaying information to one another. However, it is not always that these pupils are taught the communication skills they need especially for their own individual development.

Through our Mentorship Program and a variety of fun activities, students from Nembuya, Entaretoi and Samuli primary schools have acquired skills that have enabled them to:

1) speak clearly and audibly.

2) listen attentively.

3) ask relevant questions.

4) apply courtesy in their interactions with other people.

In addition to talks on communication skills, these pupils, through our team of professionals, have also been engaged in sets of activities and games that enable them to remember the skills taught and even acquire other skills not earlier taught.



These sessions have successfully taught the pupils how to be organized, how to work with each other, how to be responsible, the importance of team support and the pupils were able to exercise the communication skills they had learned earlier.

Mentorship is an important part of growing into better people and we are proud to note that these pupils have grown their confidence and self esteem, they are able to interact well with fellow pupils and they are in a better position to shape their growth in the direction that is suitable for them.

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