3Es Mentorship

Mentorship is the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution. Through our mentorship program, 3Es Experience, through its members and volunteers has been able to equip non academic skills to pupils in various schools in Kajiado County.

With the use of their school curriculum, we’ve been able to tailor make a mentorship document with focus on non-academic skills sets such as communication skills, teamwork,time management and leadership. Since these children are young, we have  incorporated carefully planned games and other fun activities to teach them these skills and simultaneously give them room to practice what they have learned. We are also equipping these students with various career options so that they can be more knowledgeable, ambitious, and take advantage of opportunities after school wisely.

Mentorship comes in many ways. Children in rural schools sometimes do not have access to mentorship due to the lack of time and personnel to do it but through our Mentorship project, we are working to ensure that these pupils have all the skills they need, not only in school but also in their personal lives.