Championing mentorship of learners in disadvantaged rural kenya on teamwork skills

3Es Experience is championing empowerment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds through undertaking mentorship on various non-academic skill sets such as Communication skills, time management, goal setting and planning among other topics. In our second session, we took the students through a session on Teamwork.

Teamwork by definition is the combined action of a group of people to effectively achieve a common goal where each member's contribution leads to the success of the whole team.

Our Advisory Director: Dr.Eng. John Mativo took the Nembuya, Entaretoi and Samuli primary school pupils through forming effective teams, the importance of teamwork and how to know you are in a good team. This was done through fun activities such as carrying a water bottle using a piece of cloth stretched and held by all team members using one hand where the bottle had to be carried upright without spilling any water while moving around various obstacles as a unit.

Students working as a team to balance the water bottles

3Es Experience team guiding the students

Another activity for teamwork was where the pupils were divided into 3 equal groups, decide their identity between a wall, arrow and rabbit, strategize and face each other in a competition where the winner is the team that selects the symbol that wins.

Students participating in the “WAR” game during the mentorship exercise

Through these activities, the pupils were able to learn and understand the characteristics of an effective team such as:

1) ability to understand its purpose and objectives.

2) having mutual respect, trust, and support for each other.

3) having open, honest, and frequent communication.

4) respecting individual differences.

5) ability to accept leadership authority and managing conflict.

By the end of this session, pupils were able to acquire and practise attributes such as good communication, being responsible, working with a team, honesty, leadership and being organized.

These pupils have acquired so many extracurricular skills and knowledge and we're happy for the positive impact in their lives.


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