3Es Experience finds mentoring of students’ key especially students from poor backgrounds. These students experience challenges such as;

i. Low literacy, imaginative and creative thinking – Students from low income, low skills and low education family backgrounds have the likelihood of experiencing serious learning difficulties due to low literacy levels. They also face challenges of acquiring literature materials, such as story books, at school and at home to boost their imagination and language comprehension as well as expression.

ii. Lack of exposure to many career opportunities amongst students- Students living in rural areas without much exposure have a limited mindset of career opportunities. The career opportunities are primarily; matatu drivers, conductors, bodaboda riders among others. This inhibits students from being more ambitious and hardworking; as a result, they rarely improve their performance in order to target career opportunities outside their comfort zones

3Es Experience plans to empower students through its two (2) program, namely;

I. African Child Book Campaign

The African Child Book Campaign’s main objective is to promote reading culture among students in rural areas by distributing books and solar light lanterns to aid their learning needs.
The aim is to promote quality education for all no matter the socio-economic status specially to reach the very vulnerable children from low income households.

II. Mentorship Programme

The purpose of the program will be to equip students with non-academically taught skills, expose the students to unlimited opportunities available after school and be able to better themselves and be great achievers; and leaders. Students will undergo training on various topics and will be provided with certificates for completing the training course. Some of the topics include;

● Planning and goal setting
● Dealing with the fear of failure through self-awareness
● Communication skills and public speaking
● Leadership skills
● Teamwork and time management
● Career planning and development