The purpose of the program will be to equip students with non-academically taught skills and secondly expose the students to unlimited opportunities available after school. Therefore, better themselves, be great achievers and leaders.

Students will undergo training on various topics and will be provided with certificates for completing the training course. The topics will include and not limited to dealing with the fear of failure through self-awareness, communication skills; public speaking, leadership skills, teamwork; time management, improving students reading and writing and career planning; development.

Impact; The students are expected to improve their performance and target career opportunities previously unfamiliar to them.

In order to empower students, the organization intends to undertake the various activities;

1. Develop a mentorship curriculum promoting non-academic skill sets.

2. Distribute children literature materials so as to enable the students to build a strong English and Kiswahili vocabulary and reading and writing competence.

3. Career planning and development

Organize for career fairs- Have professionals visit students and explain to them different types of careers, necessary requirements for entry and institutions offering the various courses.