3Es Experience is a registered charitable company in Kenya with a main aim of improving the livelihoods of communities while at the same time empowering students and promoting environmental conservation in parts of Kenya.

Energy. Environment. Empowerment.

Clean Energy. Sustainable Environments. Empowered Populations.
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Volunteerism
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Partnerships
To help our beneficiaries live fulfilled lives by empowering them socially and economically through the establishment of productive and strategic partnerships to create reliable support structures. To promote the use of renewable and sustainable clean energy in an aim to conserve the environment.
A country and world where our primary beneficiaries (women, children and the youth) become empowered and attain their right to protection, development, participation and dynamic growth. To attain sustainable communities that utilize renewable and clean energy at the same time improving their health and directly conserving the environment.



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