While the organization started  with an aim to protect national park ecosystems from the dangers of poor waste disposal, deforestation, lack of knowledge on environmental factors  and other causes of environmental degradation, we quickly realized that this problem was affecting home settlements, towns, learning institutions and even water sources which led to our need to ensure sustainable development in the environmental sector which is vital for both economic development and the wellbeing of all living organisms in all ecosystems.

Through the much needed assessment, 3Es Experience has started and partnered with various other organizations to help eliminate these challenges and ensure the environment is protected, greener and definitely cleaner. These projects include:

A. The Waste Free Parks Initiative.

The Waste Free Park Initiative is aimed at environmental conservation and wildlife protection of the National Parks ecosystem by discouraging littering and encouraging environmentally friendly ways of waste disposal. This is so that non-biodegradable waste does not end up inside the park, causing harm to the ecosystem and endangering lives of animals with threats of extinction.

Visitors coming into the National Parks are issued with environmentally-friendly litter bags in a bid to mop up plastics at the animals’ sanctuary. Visitors to the park use the biodegradable bags issued to collect their litter — mainly water, food and snacks packaging used while inside the park– and disposed of it in litter bins and recycle stations at the entrance, or with some carrying them home to dispose of responsibly. Through this, non-biodegradable plastic waste that are a threat to the park ecosystem are discarded from the park.

The Waste Free Park Initiative has been running from October of 2020 especially on major public holidays. This is because there is a high number of visitors coming to the park for game drives. The 3Es Experience team and volunteers are involved in sensitizing visitors and distributing litter bags to tour vans and private vehicles.

B. The Reforestation Program.

This program has incorporated school going children who plant new trees each year as they move to a new grade while taking care of the already planted trees in their schools in an effort to increase tree cover in the dryer regions in the country, a move that has supported interactions between students and nature.

The program has also worked to increase tree cover through our volunteers who have planted trees in various parts of the country as we create awareness on the importance of trees in our environment to local citizens and other institutions. .

C. Clean Ups.

This initiative was started with the aim to get rid of non-biodegradable waste lying all over our streets, markets and water sources. 3Es Experience has worked with like minded organizations not only to clean up our surroundings but also to recycle plastic waste into other useful materials. Through these clean up sessions, our volunteers are also able to create awareness on the importance of proper waste disposal and remind people that it is our individual responsibility to ensure our surroundings are kept clean to avoid diseases caused by dirt and contaminated waters such as flus and water-borne diseases.

D. Climate Advocacy.

Climate Advocacy has played a big role in creating awareness on causes of climate change and the effects it has had on our lives today. Through a partnership with Climate Fresk, our volunteers have been trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to run successful climate change workshops to children, youth and adults who are passionate about the environment. The main aim of this project is to create awareness on climate change and through the platforms provided, come up with applicable solutions to the challenges we are facing today.