Climate Change Advocacy

Climate Change has become a global pandemic with human beings feeling and experiencing its adverse effects such as drought, flooding and very high temperatures on a daily basis.

Through our Environmental Pillar, our aim was to involve people in initiatives promoting Clean and Green Environments but that would not be as impactful without our members first understanding Climate Change, hence the advocacy workshops. These workshops are as a result of collaborating with Climate Fresk, a French non-governmental organization that creates awareness about Climate Change through the use of factual scientific games.

Our members and new volunteers have been taught the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change, their role in the environment and together, we have come up with practical solutions to these problems.

These workshops have enabled us to have the required knowledge to advocate for green living, to create awareness to children, youth and adults on Climate Change and most importantly, it has put us in a better position to make a positive impact in protecting our environments.