Energy happens to be among one of the key pillars of development even toward the attainment of the targets set by SDG 7. According to the World Bank access to energy is essential to reduce poverty since energy makes possible the investments, innovations and new industries that are the engines of jobs, inclusive growth and shared prosperity for entire economies. According to an energy overview report released by the same, it explains that an estimated 840 million people live without electricity and hundreds of millions more live with insufficient or unreliable access to it.  Nearly 3 billion people cook or heat their homes with polluting fuels like wood or other biomass, resulting in indoor and outdoor air pollution that cause widespread health impacts.  3Es Experience is focused on the integration of renewable and clean energy into the target beneficiary communities.

To attain these goals 3Es Experience intends to introduce the use of biogas systems, solar systems at the same time distributing energy conservation products such as solar lanterns, and clean cooking solutions.

The organization will undertake the following activities;

a. Undertaking an energy need assessment

b. Constantly training the communities and schools on how to use the solar lighting and clean cooking solutions (Eco-jikos & biogas) and how they can disseminate the information to others. Help to promote community ownership of the products.

c. Distribution of lighting and clean cooking products.

d. Undertaking follow-ups.

e. Product maintenance.

For sustainable development energy is under great consideration and this requires a steady supply of affordable renewable energy and clean sources with minimum negative societal and environmental impacts.