African Child Book Campaign (ACBC)

The African Child Book Campaign’s main objective is to promote reading culture among students in rural areas by distributing story books and solar light lanterns to aid their learning needs. The aim is to promote reading culture and quality education for all no matter the socio-economic status specially to reach the very vulnerable children from low income households.

This project started in the year 2021 in Kajiado County with pupils from Nembuya, Samuli and Entaretoi Primary Schools. 3Es Experience distributed story books, dictionnaires, exercise books, pens, geometrical sets and other learning materials to each pupil from Grade 5 to Grade 8 to enable them to have the resources needed to excel in their studies.

The story books and dictionnaires provided promotes their reading culture and aids their literature skills through summarizing the stories read through book reports and practicing their vocabularies and phrases in their day to day learning.

This campaign has produced a 99% success rate with an improved performance of the English and Kiswahili subjects from all the three schools in the National Examinations. Pupils have read more than seven storybooks now with book reports for each and the results have exceeded not only in their academics but also in their interactions with other pupils, and in growing their self esteem and confidence.

As the year progresses, we are looking to scale the African Child Book Campaign to other regions. We look forward to availing quality education to all pupils in the country. Join us to make a difference today.