School children at the forefront to increase tree cover in rural Kenya

MY Grade My Tree is a project that has advocated for and helped students to plant trees according to the grade they are in each year and nature them, with an aim to increase tree coverage in the country and encourage environmental conservation.

In June 2021, we launched this project in three schools namely Nembuya,Samuli and Entaretoi Primary schools while teaching the students the importance of taking care of our Environment, the impact of global warming and ways of adapting to climate change.


According to follow up reports done in July and November, two schools;Nembuya and Samuli Primary schools showed success of the project with grown trees that had been well taken care of.However, Entaretoi Primary School faced challenges where some trees were eaten by livestock when schools were closed.

Kajiado County is mostly a grassland area with a few trees and this project, besides increasing tree coverage in the area, will also be beneficial to students by providing shade as they take part in outdoor activities, help prevent soil erosion and also release oxygen into the atmosphere which leads to a better environment.

As this project continues to take root, we look forward to starting this project in schools in Machakos and Kilifi counties. We urge you to go on this tree planting journey with us and help restore and preserve our environment through volunteering and sponsorship.


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