Need for monitoring of our school empowerment program in Nembuya primary

Just like in the other two primary schools:Samuli & Entaretoi, we also undertook a monitoring exercise at Nembuya Primary school and provided additional learning resources such as story books, exercise books and other stationery. In addition, we issued solar light lanterns to the new Grade 5 pupils to help them with their evening studies at home.

Most of the pupils were reading their second storybook and we're very happy to see that they are now able to easily narrate the stories they have read in front of the classroom as well as an improvement in their skills of writing a Book Report.

The pupils have also been able to speak English and Kiswahili more fluently due to the African Child Book Campaign project and their morale for reading has increased compared to before.

During the monitoring and evaluation process, we also helped the students acquire non academic skills through learning communication skills such as talking loudly for people to hear, listening and saying words clearly for people to understand.

The program has already started bearing fruit and we are excited to see what the future has in store for these students in their primary school education.

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