Need for monitoring of school empowerment program in samuli primary school

After a successful launch of the School Empowerment Program in primary schools in Kajiado East in June 2021, we went back to one of our beneficiary schools: Samuli Primary School at the end of August 2021,  to check on the progress of the African Child Book Campaign for grade 6,7 and 8. We went through the book reports that the pupils had been writing.

These pupils had already made corrections to the previous work they had done and despite a few challenges such as writing a book summary and using the new words and phrases they had learned, we were happy to note the improvement they had made.

Through our 3Es Experience team, we were able to urge the pupils to write down the lessons they had learned from the stories, practice using the vocabulary in their compositions and Insha and narrate the stories to their colleagues so as to improve their skills.

Students narrating story books they have read in front of the class.

We also undertook a mentorship program and career growth where these pupils learned communication and public speaking skills such as being audible, listening attentively and being able to articulate their words clearly. For enrichment of various career options, we took them through a career talk on “People who work in a construction site”. This would help them to open their eyes to the opportunities available for them in the job market.

Dr. (Eng.) John Mativo taking the students through a mentorship exercise

To the new students, we provided additional story books, exercise books, geometric sets and  other learning materials.

Students interacting with provided story books and  geometric sets

We are happy to see that the program has been a success given their improvements in the English and Kiswahili subjects and we look forward to future interactions with the pupils.



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