3Es Reforestation

Reforestation is the process of planting trees where there had previously been forests. Human activities such as construction and agriculture have led to deforestation where trees are cut to create space for other things or they’re cut for domestic use as firewood.

From our baseline study in Kajiado, we were able to note that 90% of the homesteads used firewood for fuel which was the leading cause of deforestation. So many trees had been cut down, to the point that locals now had to walk longer distances in search of firewood.

3Es Experience initiated the My Grade My Tree project to curb this challenge. Every pupil from the nearby schools were to plant a tree in the school compound each academic year and nature them to grow until they completed their primary education. At first, it looked challenging but time has shown us that these pupils are committed in increasing tree cover in the area.

The trees have been fenced to keep off herbivorous animals like cows and goats and they have been watered daily, an action that has led to the growth of these trees. Although our main focus was in the learning institutions, pupils have started this practice in their homesteads and told their families about the project.


Through the years, we have plans to reach more people and create awareness to communities to ensure that we preserve and take care of our environments through planting trees and in other ways.


Trees are of great importance in the ecosystem because they not only prevent soil erosion and bring rainfall, they are also a source of food and shelter to both human beings and animals!