Spot! Snap! Share!

Spot Snap & Share

Spot! Snap! Share!

What comes to your mind when you hear the three words Spot! Snap! Share! Mentioned? Definitely sounds like something fun and Yes! It was a fun filled event aimed at championing Environmental conservation and Wildlife protection.

Amidst the Covid - 19 pandemic, 31st October 2020 was a fun day to interact with loved ones and the wild at the Nairobi National Park. Early in the morning people arrived with a lot of enthusiasm for the day with phones, cameras and tablets fully charged and ready for the game drive aim being to Spot! Snap! and Share! With a very energetic master of ceremony teams started with a team building warm up and we even ended up dancing the famous Jerusalema dance challenge.

With teams charged up for the activity, KWS officials grouped the people present into different blocks for the animal census and fun activity of sharing the beautiful pictures of wildlife on social media. The main activity was to involve the general public in understanding the diversity of wildlife within the Nairobi National Park through counting and sharing using the hashtags #SpotSnapShare and #IAmTheConservationGeneration on social media.


We were hereby privileged to be in the 3rd Block of counting where we experienced a diverse range of wild animals for example the rock python, the Nile crocodile, the coke hartebeests, gazelles, impala, the egyptian goose, gray heron, male and female ostriches, blacksmith plover, wildebeests, elands, marabou stork, lions, rhinos, zebras, giraffes just to mention but a few. The Nairobi National Park ecosystem is a true depiction of Nature's beauty and diversity. You should visit the Park and experience the diverse beauty of creation.

With different sponsors and partners to the event such as BornFree, Kenya Wildlife Service, Tour Operators Society of Kenya (TOSK), Four points by Sheraton, Weston Hotel, Tulip hotel and many others participants were awarded for different category performance with different awards including a night for two at different hotels, free game drives and branded bottles.

3Es Experience Advisory Board member (Dr. Eng. John Mativo) won the Best Wildlife Photo of the Day and was awarded a plague by the TOSK chairlady.

Great photos of the park and different animal species were share on social media under the hashtag #SpotSnapShare, feel free to check out the hashtag on social media.

3Es Experience won a guided game drive by KWS for being 2nd runners up on many retweets on twitter for sharing many wildlife photos of the day. More activities like this to come in future as we campaign for environmental conservation and wildlife protection. Stay tuned on our social media pages @3Es Experience and we will keep you updated for future activities and events.

As cases of Covid - 19 continue to increase in our country, let’s all remember to stay safe, maintain physical distancing, avoid crowded areas, wash your hands for 20 seconds or sanitize often especially before and after coming into contact with surfaces and others, always wear your mask in public and follow guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and WHO.


Catch you on the next article. Chao!


Marlene Kawira Kinyua,

3Es Experience Organisation.

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