Clean Cooking

Under our Energy Pillar, we have two projects namely; Solar Lighting and Clean Cooking. The Clean Cooking project was initiated to teach the community on environmental conservation and user-friendly ways of cooking that do not emit more harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

Research has shown that almost 90% of households still use firewood for cooking due to reasons such as unavailability of alternative fuels in some areas, the high cost of buying and maintaining clean cooking techniques and also lack of general knowledge on clean cooking.

Having gone through Clean Cooking sessions with organizations such as The Clean Cooking Association of Kenya (CCAK) and other like minded groups, we are working to train members of various communities on how to use some of these methods, teach them how to access the clean cooking solutions and most importantly, educate them on the importance of switching to Clean Cooking.


Clean Cooking ensures that the environment around us is protected from additional gasses such as Carbon (IV) oxide which is one of the gasses that causes the greenhouse effect. It also ensures that there’s reduction of respiratory infections and eye problems caused by prolonged exposure to the smoke emitted while cooking and it also provides a cleaner, more efficient space for cooking, unlike the use of firewood which discolors walls from the smoke produced.


It is important that the community is involved in ensuring green living because they are the backbone of our societies.