Empowerment can be defined as a “multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives. It is a process that fosters power (that is, the capacity to implement) in people, for use in their own lives, their communities, and in their society, by acting on issues that they define as important. The organization intends to undertake programs promoting economic empowerment for the community. 

Economic Empowerment

To ensure that all programs under the pillars are self-sustainable and cross- supporting, the organization would like to economically empower the community and help eradicate poverty within the communities by promoting;

1. Agricultural Farming of vegetables, fruits & herbs through modern farming methods such as hydroponics farming, green house and organic farming.

2. Bee keeping.

3. Chicken rearing

4. Technical skill training

Sustainability; The organization aims to make the program more sustainable by assisting the community source for markets and in equipping them with skills in planning and finances.

Impact; Therefore, these activities will help empower the community economically and help alleviate any poor standard of living.

The organization intends to handle Economic Empowerment in this way;

1. Awareness creation on farming, bee keeping & chicken rearing

2. Identifying and leasing land for demonstration.

3. Setting up the demonstration farm and share some seedling, bees and chicken with the community.

4. Training on farming skills and finances management.

5. Sourcing for markets