Mentorship of students in disadvantaged rural schools on career talks

3Es Experience pillar on Empowerment  not only on advocates for school mentorship on non-academic skills sets but also on careers development.

Pupils from Nembuya, Entaretoi and Samuli primary schools under our Mentorship project underwent a career talk, led by Dr. (Eng.) John Mativo on  “People who work in a construction site” such as the  different types of engineers (e.g. Highway, water engineers), construction managers and the other workers on the site. The aim is to enable them to understand the various professionals within the construction space and opportunities available for them when seeking employment after school. This consequently motivates them to work harder in order to have good jobs and take care of their families in the future.

Following up on our career talk, we are working on  exposing  the students further by visiting a cement factory soon.



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