Need for monitoring of our school empowerment program in Entaretoi primary school

Following the launch of the African Child Book Campaign project at Entaretoi Primary School, our team has been able to undertake various monitoring exercises in support of the reading culture campaign.

This program required pupils to read at least one story book a month and write a book report where they were to:

(I) Identify the name and author of the book.

(II) Identify characters in the book.

(III) Identify new words and phrases as well as their meaning.

(IV) Write a summary of the story.

During the monitoring exercise, we noted that the pupils were able to:

(I) narrate the stories they've read to their fellow pupils.

(II) write book reports as instructed.

(III) construct sentences using the new words and phrases they've learnt.

(IV) write better compositions and insha incorporating vocabularies and more creative stories.

As a result of the African Child Book Campaign program, there has been an improvement in the English and Kiswahili subjects which weren't doing so well before, the students are more confident and more motivated to study, and their command of the two languages has improved.


We are happy to note good progress in the school and we look forward to seeing more!

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