3Es Experience Volunteer Day 2022



The 3Es Volunteers Day event, scheduled for 30th April 2022 took place at the American Corner in Nairobi with youth from all over Kenya, who were interested in volunteering with 3Es Experience. The charity organization has taken initiative to grow its members to reach a wider scope of people in the country through our projects such as The Waste Free Parks Initiative, The African Child Book Campaign and School Mentorship among others.

The day started with a positively enlightening interaction as new members introduced themselves alongside their passion for making the world a better place, their skill set and possible outcomes from the meeting as we progressed towards a detailed presentation from our founder Vivian Kemboi and the advisory director, Dr. Eng. John Mativo.

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Step by step, the volunteers were taken through the growth and origin of 3Es Experience, which had started from a small group of friends organizing a clean up exercise. As time went by, the organization took interest in other areas that needed to be worked on based on the data collected from their baseline studies in different locations hence our pillars;Energy, Environment and Empowerment.

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The new members were taken through the challenges that came with each pillar such as environmental degradation in the Energy Pillar, lack of extra curricular skills in the Empowerment pillar and the steps 3Es Experience had taken to fill these gaps through initiatives such as tree planting, creating awareness on the related issues and providing the necessary resources for these projects to grow and be impactful in the communities.

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Future plans for some of the projects were shared as volunteers were instructed on the many ways they can be part of the undergoing projects depending on their interests and the skills they possessed. The event was successful with so many volunteers interested in activities promoting clean energy,clean and green environments, reading culture and mentorship. We are working towards growing our team and looking forward to making a positive difference in a larger number of people across the country.

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