3Es Experience and National Environmental Complaints Committee Partnership on the #WasteFreeParks

Over the past Labour Day Celebrations, 3Es Experience in collaboration with National Environmental Complaints Committee (NECC) held a Waste Free Park Initiative at the Nairobi National Park. The Labour Day partnership comes at a time when visitors’ numbers at the Nairobi National Park was expected to soar following the lifting of restrictions on inter-county movements and potential reopening of schools on 10th May, 2021.

Joint partnership seeks to promote environment conservation in parks

Dr. Chumo from NECC & Vivian Kemboi (3Es Experience) displaying a litter bag sample on the WFPI partnership

The partnership with NECC was important as the institution plays a key role in the assessment of the condition of the environment in Kenya. It also plays an important role in the facilitation of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms relating to environmental matters. NECC makes recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary and thus contributes significantly to the formulation and development of environmental policy.

Visitors coming into the Nairobi National Park were issued with environmentally-friendly litter bags in a bid to mop up plastics at the world famous animal sanctuary. Visitors to the park used the biodegradable bags issued to collect their litter -- mainly water, food and snacks packaging used while inside the park-- and disposed of it in litter bins and recycle stations at the entrance and with some carrying them home to dispose of responsibly. Through this, non-biodegradable plastic waste that are threat to the park ecosystem were discarded from the park.


3Es Experience volunteers issue out litter bags to tour vehicles and private vehicles


NECC staff sensitizing visitors on the dangers on non-biodegradable wastes to wildlife and issuing out of litter bags to tourist.

Impact of the Waste Free Park Initiative during the Labour Day Celebrations.

1. Over 88 man hours have been put on the ground by the team in distribution of the litter bags, collection of feedback and sensitization to the general public on matters related to Environmental Conservation and Wildlife Protection. There were 8 members from 3Es Experience & NECC that participated in the initiative. They were required to be on the ground from as early as 6.00 a.m. in the morning and leave as late as 5.00pm in the evening.

2. The litter bags have been distributed to over 1000 tourist vehicles both private and tour vehicles.

3. Over 6,000 visitors and the general public have been sensitized on matters related to Environmental Conservation and Wildlife protection.

4. Feedback was willingly collected from some visitors through verbal interviews by 3Es Experience Organisation Staff and recorded using google online forms.

3Es Experience staff pose for a photo during the event

Data from the KNBS indicates that about 10 per cent of the country`s landscape has been set aside for wildlife conservation and bio-diversity, and is therefore threatened when human activities expose the sanctuaries to pollution. As visitors going into these parks and recreation areas are therefore beholden with the responsibility of protecting and conserving them.

“This kind of strategic partnerships and collaborations will go a long way in conserving the environments across our parks such as Tsavo, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli and Maasai Mara. Those counties with national parks and game reserves should also come on board to help the national government in environment conservation. Other interested partners are welcomed to help make the initiative more sustainable and impactful” said Dr. John Chumo; Secretary-NECC

If you want to partner with us or want to be part of the partnership please reach out via email info@3esexperience.org

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