1. Organization’s area of operation

The organization intends to conduct its activities within trading centers that are along major routes to Maasai Mara National Game Reserve. The organization plans to offer solar lighting solutions and clean cooking solutions for homes, business premises, schools, churches among others that lack electricity connections and are within 1.5 km away from the trading centers. It is important for the organization not to duplicate its activities with the Kenya government which plans to have extension of low voltage network to reach households located within 600 meters of a transformer. Therefore, the organization plans to work with those that are outside the 600 meters’ radius. The schools are usually within a short distance from the trading centers.

The organization plans to start on a pilot center in Nkoilale along the Maasai Mara National Game Reserve routes. Upon the success of the pilot center, other centers/areas within the Maasai Mara region that are of future potential include Ngoswani, Kishonmurwa, Sekenani, Talek, Olalaimutia, Aitong, Olare, Mara Rianta among others.

2. Beneficiaries

The organizations beneficiaries are women, children, youth and people with disability.

3. Primary beneficiary Facilities

a) Schools

b) Dispensaries

c) Religious Institutions

4. Community Stakeholders

a) Teachers

b) Local administrators

c) Heath officers’/ health workers

d) Parents/Guardians

e) Business community

f) Lodges & Camps

g) Religious leaders

h) Students

i) Community members