Where we work

1. Organization’s area of operation

3Es Experience intends to transform communities and schools who are situated along highways leading to National Parks/ Reserves, Forests and Marine Ecosystems. This is through implementing its Pillars: Energy, Environment and Empowerment. The organization intends to;

  • Distribute solar lanterns to households and schools- Children will be able to study past sunset. Their reading time will not be limited and would be able to perform better and have a chance to a brighter future. Households will reduce on the use kerosene lamps whose lighting is dull flickers and emits noxious fumes. Household will be able to have quality family time after sunset.
  • Distribute Eco-jikos- This will help reduce the use of biomass which results in inhalation of excessive smoke which contributes to health deterioration in families. Children have also fallen victims to household fires that have led to injuries/deaths.
  • Mobilize communities and schools to participate in environmental conservation exercises such as clean-ups, tree planting, formation of environmental clubs in schools and education awareness on conservation.
  • Undertake the Waste Free Park Initiative. This will involve sensitizing visitors against littering and issuing out litter bags to visitors visiting the National parks. This will ensure that no non-biodegradable trash is left in the parks and wildlife is protected.
  • Implement the African Child Book Campaign which will assist children from low income, low skills and low education family backgrounds to access story books and other learning materials. The story books will help children to boost their imagination, creativity and language comprehension as well as expression. The campaign will also help to improve students` ability to read, comprehend ideas and write.
  • Undertake Mentorship Programs in schools- The purpose of the program will be to equip students with non- academically taught skills, expose them to unlimited opportunities available after school and be able to better themselves and be great achievers; and leaders. Students will undergo training on various topics and will be provided with certificates for completing the course.
  • Undertake Economic Empowerment programs- 3Es Experience aims at empowering women and the youth by training them, equipping them with the necessary skills, supporting them and helping them set up sustainable economic projects that can improve the livelihoods of their target communities such as;

a. Table Banking to help them gain good financial management skills
b. Sustainable Agricultural Projects

The organization aims to support communities through value addition on produce and market linkages with corporate clients.

2. Primary Beneficiaries Facilities

  • Schools
  • National Parks & Reserves
  • Trading Centers/towns
  • Dispensaries

3. On community stakeholders

  • Teachers
  • Local administrators
  • Health officers’ / health workers
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Business community
  • Lodges & Camps
  • Students
  • Community members
  • Kenya Wildlife Service
  • Kenya Forest Service