Waste Free Park Intitative


Waste Free Park is an initiative aimed at environmental conservation and wildlife protection of park ecosystems. This is in order to attain a conducive environment for the well-being and biodiversity of existing species.

Through the initiative visitors who come to the park are issued with an environmentally friendly litter bag where they put all their litter and head out to the gate with their litter which they can dispose of in litter bins, recycle stations at the entrance or go home with it and dispose of it responsibly.

After the Single Use Plastic Ban, you find there are still people who carry different snacks with plastic/paper wraps, a soda can or a water bottle for their game drive which they can easily throw out of the window during their game drives if not provided with a proper way of waste disposal. The initiative is aimed at discouraging littering and encouraging environmentally friendly ways of waste disposal so that non-biodegradable waste does not end up in the park to harm the ecosystem causing endangerment and threats of extinction.

3Es Experience aims at collaborating and partnering with like-minded organisations and entities so that we can reach out to more parks and protect our wildlife ecosystems for our future generations.


Clean Environments - to create conducive environments for the thrive of biodiversity within parks ecosystems so that we can ensure the continuity of endangered species and create sustainable environments free from non-biodegradable waste.

Problem statement

One of the main problems this project seeks to address is SDG 15: Life on land which seeks to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss. By keeping parks free from non-biodegradable waste is a step towards halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

What is the expected impact of the project? [Assumption]

Clean environment that promotes the biological diversity and thrive of wildlife and sustainability of their ecosystems.


The project aims to keep the parks free of non-biodegradable waste.

Overall Goal

To create sustainable environments for wildlife and improve the aesthetic view of the National Parks.

Specific Objectives

To ensure no non-biodegradable waste is left in the park after visits.