The organization aims to promote SDG 7 through improving access to affordable, reliable and modern energy through;

i. Supplying solar solutions like solar lanterns to the poorest communities in Maasai Mara region. The lanterns will be able to supply lighting and a source to charge mobile phones. The lanterns will help improve the health of households as they will no longer be using kerosene lamps or 3 stone fire place as a source of lighting. The lanterns will help support education for children as they will be able to do their homework in the evenings. The women can also engage in income generating activities in the evenings as they can develop their products for sale to the markets during the day.

ii. Distributing sustainable cook stoves, developing and using more efficient fuel. The cook stoves will help to reduce respiratory diseases caused from smoke, reduce the amount of fuel burnt, reduce wastage of energy and ensure food cooks faster and therefore saves on time.



The organization will undertake programs in school mentorship and economic empowerment for the community.

1. School mentorship program.

The purpose of the program will be to equip students with non-academically taught skills and secondly expose the students to unlimited opportunities available after school. Students will undergo training on various topics and will be provided with certificates for completing the training course. The topics will include and not limited to dealing with the fear of failure through self-awareness, communication skills & public speaking, leadership skills, team work & time management, improving students reading and writing and career planning & development.

2. Economic Empowerment

To ensure that all programs under the pillars are self-sustainable and cross- supporting, the organization would like to economically empower the community and help eradicate poverty within the communities by promoting;

i. Farming

• Watermelon and pumpkin farming

• Hydroponic farming

ii. Bee keeping.

iii. Poultry farming


The organization aims to make the program more sustainable by assist the community source for markets and in equipping them with skills in planning and finances.



In line with SDG 13 target, the organization will seek to conserve the environment by;

i. Creating awareness and advocating for environmental conservation within the communities, institutions, lodges/camps, schools and churches among others.

ii. Promoting tree planting activities.

iii. Engaging in environmental clean-up exercises.

iv. Organizing environmental related competitions such as art & essay competitions

v. Helping in the formation of environmental clubs in primary and secondary schools and support the existing ones.

vi. Supporting interaction of more students/pupils with nature such as visiting national parks, museums, forests etc.

vii. Setting up tree nurseries.